Snake Force 1

"Everything was fine until the day the space snakes came!"
-Abraham X2 Lincoln , New Washington 20^2

Space snakes has invaded earth and people from left to right, rich to poor are being bitten, but whomever they are they all need antidote to survive!
But where does this Space Snake antidote come from?
From space of course!
And which men risks their life and limb for money and glory by hunting these snakes?

Snake Force 1!

The band of hardened bone heads that throw themselfes straigt into the deepes pits of space to
collect the life saving venom that is the base for the antidote... and sell it for massive profits of course!

SpaceForce1 is a local co-op, twin stick shooter that takes place in a semi randomized dungeon in a dungeon crawler style.
The game was part of the RSM 2019 game Jam.

Features music by DigohD

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